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About Us
Hungry? Your favourite sweet sour chicken, chow mein, dim sum…… just a few clicks away!
The idea of putting your favourite Chinese menu online isn’t new. In fact many Chinese takeaways, Chinese restaurants have established or are planning to establish their own online takeaways ordering system. In recent years, UK has seen more people opted to order takeaway rather then go the restaurant, ‘thanks’ to the instability of UK economy. Why? Well, it is cheaper! It has been proved that, however, a website for a single takeaway is functionally less attractive and financially uneconomic. As a result, our website, www.eat-hot.co.uk, is given birth to bridge the gap. Thousands of Chinese takeaways, Chinese restaurants are just within touching distance.
With a yearlong study, conceiving, testing, adjusting and retesting until finally, we integrated our ideas into a single system, where ordering a takeaway is just few clicks away. Our focus is and will always be providing a convenience, fun and users friendly online takeaway ordering system to all Chinese food lovers. This reflects throughout an ordering process beginning with searching, ordering, check out and feed back and more. We are confident that eat-hot is dedicated to deliver our promises, nevertheless, any recommendations to improve eat-hot are jolly welcomed. Let’s try, enjoy and grow with eat-hot!
The website
The name of ‘eat-hot’ itself implies two key elements in our service - effortless ordering and fast delivery. Every effort is made to ensure a flawless takeaway ordering experience.
Eat-hot system has a state of art searching engine. Search results are listed instantly and can be derived from three methods as you prefer; post code, town name or takeaway name. Every registered Chinese takeaways or Chinese restaurant covers more than one post code area. This means, depend on your location, you have a list of takeaways to select for a better deal.
Chinese Takeaways
Eat-hot simply provides you with a new opportunity for your ever shrinking telephone orders. Unlike other type of cuisines, Chinese takeaway menu has an unique feature that enable customers to select variable combinations as they wish. This is great if you like ‘adventure’, however, it also gives a technical challenge for every online takeaway ordering website. Eat-hot system has successfully unlocked the secret, thanks to co-founders MD Jack Zhao whose rich experiences in both UK Chinese fast food industry and IT industry assisted eat-hot with some latest innovations that turn your online ordering experiences the same as if the waiter is standing by.
Furthermore, every registered takeaway is assigned with a unique Merchant Management Account in eat-hot system. 99% of readable information on eat-hot can be adjusted whenever you like. No need to reprint your menu to display any changes of menu items, price, holiday arrangements, discount campaign and many more. All changes made inside Merchant Management Account are instantly synchronized with ea-hot.co.uk. As owner of the businesses you have fully control of your online shop, just let it be the exact way you wanted!
Are you still wondering what is your local takeaway’s telephone number? Are you still getting annoyed that you did not receive what you ordered over the phone? Eat-hot.co.uk is the ultimate solution to get your order sent and delivered without a hustle. There are even more innovative features to explore if registered with us. Much owing to the extensive customer service experience from another co-founder MD Alex Xu, our Customer Account is a real mix of technology and innovation. You can save your favourite orders, provide feed backs, earn loyalty points and many more. Why not have a try and see how eat-hot could bring you a perfect Chinese feast.
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